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Time Square Casino and Arena Pretoria – South Africa

Time Square – Arena

  • Responsible for Tender and Construction Drawings for the structural steel domed roof. Microstation was used for the initial tender and construction drawings due to time constraints, it was then modelled in revit.

  • The programme for the steelwork was very tight because the steel was being ordered in China, so my scope of work had to be 6 months ahead.

  • It was difficult with the concrete structure changing due to Architectural changes while the steelwork was being fabricated this meant a lot of secondary steelworks had to be introduced.

  • Dealing with contractors towards the end of the project was also difficult as the deadline grew closer and claims for late work were coming in. These issues were dealt with by management.

Fourways Mall Shopping Centre – Johannesburg South Africa

Fourways Mall

  • Responsible for structural steel and concrete drawings on various parts of the project. Revit was used for the documentation of drawings on this project. This Mall has the largest retail space in South Africa the project took just over four years to complete.

  • I found the refurbishment and tying into the existing mall had the most difficult issues.

  • This was resolved by the Engineer doing a lot of site inspections the surveyor doing a lot of survey work to determine the best way to achieve what was wanted for the new design.

  • The shopfront drawings were also a challenge, to model in revit as this changed constantly. Eventually it was decided to do all this in 2d as it was time consuming to keep modelling this in revit and meeting the deadlines.

Madinat Jumerah, Dubai – UAE

Madinat Jumerah

  • Responsible concrete drawings on various parts of the project. Microstation was used for the documentation of drawings on this project.

  • I was also in Dubai for a period to help set up the drawing office and manage the drafting staff who were new to using microstation.

  • The challenge on this project was doing the council submission drawings and how it had to be documented. Everything had to be shown on the drawings including rebar. The drawings were basically construction drawings when they were going for council submission.

  • This challenge was overcome by adapting to what was required by the Dubai council it involved a lot of communication between Engineers from Dubai and draftsman from South Africa.

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