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Master of Engineering (Structural)
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)
Chartered Professional Engineer – CPEng
Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland


Engineers Australia (EA) – MIEAust
National Engineering Register (NER)


QLD Office Manager | Senior Structural Engineer

BEng | MEng | CPEng | NER | MIE Aust | RPEQ


Industry Sector

Commercial & Retail

Materials Handling & Winery Design


Structural Design / Drafting

Concrete – Reinforced

Concrete – Slabs & Footings

Concrete – Steel Composite


Masonry – Clay

Masonry – Concrete

Retaining Structures

Retaining Walls

Shop Detailing Checking


Temporary Structures

Timber / Timber – Framing

Remedial / Strata

Retailing Walls

Structural Analysis

Tender – Documents


WHS – White Card

Design Tools

Inducta Engineering (RC Slabs)



Structural Toolkit


Material Handling, Lucky Bay SA

Structural Engineer

Design of proposed material handling facility for grain storage at Lucky Bay SA, which is a $130 million projects.

Structural design of material handling structure in lucky bay Structural Engineering analysis, including:

  • Hopper bottom silo.

  • Hopper bottom silo footings.

  • Flat bottom silo design review and certification (design by Westeel, Canada).

  • Flat bottom silos footings.

  • Road receival building.

  • Road receival building footings.

  • Road receival ramps, retaining walls, hopper(s) and pit incorporated into building footings.

  • Site office& site office footings.

  • Truck weighbridge footing review.

  • Structural steel elevator tower/s including access stairs.

  • Elevator tower footings.

  • Over silo gantry.

  • Trestles for support of over silo gantry.

  • Trestle footings for over silo gantry.

  • Support from silo centre fill to walkway (to reduce walkway span).

  • Ship loading conveyor gantry.

  • Trestles for ship loading gantry.

  • Trestle footings for ship loading gantry.

Light industry shed for Magnus, SA

Structural Engineer
Engineering analysis steel-framing for 48 off combinations of the 12m span gable sheds @ 11deg roof pitch. (heights: 4.5m, 5.5m, 6.5m; bays: 3m, 4m, enclosed/dominant opening, 6m, 8m and 9m carry beam).

  • Structural design of the proposed 12m span shed range for Magnus.

  • Steel framing and footing design.

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